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How to Recycle Wastewater

Edmonds, WA USA United States  Jul 7 2018 10:18PM
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Safe groundwater treatment requires engineers with expertise in groundwater treatment solutions. The wastewater recycling process involves a combination of technologies, depending on the source of the water itself and the future use of the wastewater. Some recycling methods, such as flushing toilets, are relatively low-level processes, whereas wastewater destined for agricultural land will require more treatment.
Gray water is the waste water from washing machines or dishwashers and may contain food particles. It does not include fecal matter, which is present in black water and requires a more intensive recycling process.
Activated charcoal filters attached to a pump are an effective method of treating gray water. They can remove inorganic compounds and organic chemicals but can be costly to install in a plumbing outlet.